Announcing Adventurer™ Card Game

K.R.Bourgoine’s Adventurer is a new fast-paced acquisition-of-power dungeon-crawl card game with endless replayability. This is not a CCG, everything you need to play is in small portable box.

Adventurer is a quick and easy card game for 1-4 players who each play a hero battling their way through a dark castle full of traps, treasures and monsters to find the vampire lord, Count Lodrac.
The first hero to find a stake and defeat him wins the game.

Players can continue their adventures with a variety of Adventurer Expansion Decks, each available separately.
The package includes:

  • Beautifully illustrated box
  • 80 card Castle Deck
  • 1 Limited Edition bonus card
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 page rule sheet
  • Promotional flyer
  • All 4 heroes
  • And while supplies last - 2 rare prototype cards

Introducing Two New
Adventurer Card Game Expansions

The Portals Expansion adds a ton of new features that all the fans have been asking for in regards to player interaction. With Portals players can now trade, do battle, and even hire thieves to steal from one another.

Portals also introduces Mystical Forces to the game, magical energies that can be a boon or a bane to all players.

  • Trade and do battle with your opponents
  • Hire thieves to pilfer treasure
  • Take advantage of magical random effect cards
  • Escape deadly new traps
  • Acquire powerful treasures — the Scroll of Life Stealing and the Divine Statue await!
  • Portals also includes 1 new hero–designed by a player like you!
  • The Chaos Expansion is all about giving the players more control over their adventurers. With these new cards the player can now choose to encounter a danger–or not. Do they want attempt to open a possibly trapped chest? Failure might mean death, but success could bring a ton of treasure.

    The Chaos Expansion also introduces a new way to win the game. Now instead of just being able to defeat the vampire lord to win the game, players can collect Chests of Power. The first player to collect three wins.

  • Choose what your hero encounters–and whether the risk is worth the reward!
  • Change the way you win the game
  • Hire henchmen to create strategic options
  • Explore new magical obstacles, traps, and random event cards
  • Discover powerful treasures
  • Chaos also includes 1 new hero–Made by Robert Doyel!