K. R. Bourgoine

K.R.Bourgoine was born in Dover, New Hampshire in 1973. He discovered his love of the fantasy genre as he explored the worlds of famous authors such as Gary Gygax, Jack Vance and Terry Pratchett.

Bourgoine began writing in 2001 and published his first short story, “The Adepth’s Vault: The Bone Sword of Kelifex,” in Gary Gygax’s Lejends Magazine in July 2002. That work expanded into a regular column in which he introduced new artifacts into the Lejendary Adventure world through the tales of Meselin, the Master of Lore and Arcana for the Society of Lost Knowledge.

In 2001, Bourgoine began The Acquisitioners, a fantasy series about the forlorn world of Aerinth. This epic will resolve with the Mordelack/Shadowcircle series, which will follow the rise, reign, and fall of Mordelack the Vile.

Bourgoine has worked with Gary Gygax (Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons) on “The Return of Gord,” which appeared in Dragon Magazine #343, and they currently are collaborating on a full-length Gord the Rogue novel.

He has created five uniquely entertaining card, board, and RPG games, each deeper and more engrossing than the previous, in his elegant Adventurer Games series. Adventurer: The Card Game is the first of the series to be released. Bourgoine also has developed card games, such as Linkz and Pox, and several educational games.

K.R.Bourgoine is the author of the highly-praised Building the Ultimate Gaming PC from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.