Adventurer: The Arena Game

In mid June I went to Wisconsin for an annual conference called Lake Geneva Gaming Convention. It is in Gary Gygax’s hometown likewise also the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.
It’s a fun small little Con where you are likely to spend time chatting with all the original gamers of gaming. Every year when I go I bring at least one new game I have created. Last year it was Adventurer: The Card Game, and this year it was Adventurer: The Arena Game.
I think the game went over well, I had only just made it before I left so all the games we played there were play testing sessions and I think they all really helped. By the time I left WI I was pretty sure the game completed.
The premise of the game is that each of the two players builds an army from a pool different types of troops. Then on a board looking very similar to a checker board the armies battle it out with the aid of a huge collection of magical items of wondrous power that are randomly drawn each round.
Here is a picture of Gary beating me at my own game. I had actually made this game with him in mind, knowing that he likes strategy/tactical games.

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