Another one is done!

Book Three, The Acquisitioners: Chronicles Volume One is complete! At least in first draft. I finished it a few days ago and I am extremely pleased with the results. The book comes is about 93000 words.

It was a difficult task. My life has been extremely busy these last few months. Through my other job, I have been traveling back to Europe, hitting Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, and my long missed England. I must say, jet lag does not help the writing process.

The plan was to now go straight back to work on a revision of Book Two, but a sample of Book One has been requested so I, as always, feel the need to go back through it and give it a little more polish. Actually, I have come up with a completely new beginning, one I feel is much, much stronger than what is already there. So I will be diligently working on that for a while, or at least as much as I can between my next trip to Washington DC and also one back to Italy.

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