Review of Adventurer up on UK Role Players

Sean Connor posted a very nice review of the Adventurer Card Game up on the UK Role Players website.  Check it out.

Of Dice and Pen for sale on Amazon

The anthology with a new Gord the Rogue story by Gary Gygax and myself is for sale on Amazon.

Here is link:

New Gord the Rogue By Gary Gygax available now!

I was just alerted that this had been announced. As a gamer it was one of the greatest pleasures of my life to work with Gary. In this story you have one of our final collaborations. After the first short story we did, Gary wanted to add Chert as Gord’s companion to the next one and this was the result, it is high adventure in the City of Greyhawk with magical duels, beautiful women, and plenty of chaos.
I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the release from the publisher:

Of Dice & Pen Available To Order From Flying Pen Press
Anthology includes the final Gord the Rogue story by E. Gary Gygax

DENVER — Flying Pen Press announced the ordering availability of Of Dice & Pen, edited by Fred Poutre.

An anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories by noted game developers, Of Dice & Pen features the final Gord the Rogue story by Gary Gygax and K.R. Bourgoine. Gary Gygax was the creator of Dungeons and Dragons® and often referred to as the “Father of Role-Playing”. His many accomplishments include founding both the game company TSR, Inc. and the renowned GenCon gaming convention. Although Gygax passed away earlier this year, he left us with a fast-paced tale written with co-author K.R. Bourgoine in which Gord and Chert find themselves in trouble between a beautiful lady and an angry wizard.

This anthology shares visions beyond the gaming table from the macabre to the humorous. Rick Loomis, the founder and president of Flying Buffalo, Inc., spins a tale of young hero who finds out that perhaps the adventures he wished for were not exactly as he expected. Chief Creative Officer Andrew Looney of Looney Labs writes of dreams and their meanings on a lovely beach. Visit a dusty tavern in Elizabeth Danforth’s tale of drunkenness, an imp, and unexpected magic. And Origins™ award-winner Matt Forbeck’s story of supernaturals locked in battle with zombies races to a startling conclusion.

Editor Fred Poutre is a game designer for Cloven Fruit Games and one of the authors of the new setting AfterWorlds™ for the HARP™ SF gaming system, available from Iron Crown Enterprises. He is also a tutor for GEAR UP, a college preparatory program in Laramie County, Wyoming.

Flying Pen Press is a publisher of fiction and nonfiction books. It is located in Denver, Colorado and operates from virtual offices all over the world. The company’s website is

Of Dice & Pen edited by Fred Poutre
Science Fiction
Published by Flying Pen Press under the imprint Game Day Fiction
ISBN 978-0-9818957-2-7, Trade paperback, $17.95.
356 pages.
5.5″ x 8.5″ x 0.74″, 0.999 lb.
Flying Pen Press catalog number GAM-F-00002

I do know this will also be on sale in the booth next to mine at Gencon.

Thanks KR

Seeking Play Testers for the Adventurer RPG!

We would like to start gearing up for the eventual release of the Adventurer RPG in a year or so. To do that we need to the RPG to be throughly run through, so we are looking gamers and gaming groups who would be willing to hammer through the game by playing it. Hopefully a lot.

Of course all particpants would need to sign an NDA.

Like all Adventurer games the RPG is very rules light, uncomplicated, and designed for fast play. If you have played the card game you already have the foundation for playing the RPG.

If this is something that interests you, send me an email or post here. Also feel free to spread the word about this invite to those you think might enjoy it.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the Adventurer RPG.

The Gencon Breakdown

Shadowcircle Press will be at Gencon. We are sharing a booth with our good friends from, Inner City Games. The booth number is 502. Please stop in to say hello. We will have the Adventurer™ Card Game for sale, along with all the special Guest Designer cards.

We had planned on having a bunch of sneak preview copies of the Portals and Choas expansions at the show as well, but we found out we have to change printers, so now we are scrambling to try to make that still happen. Here’s hoping!

I have heard that the booth next to us will have Fred Poutre in it and he is the publisher of the Of Dice and Pen anthology that Gary Gygax and I have a new Gord the Rogue story in. So if you swing down by us you can check that out as well.

Also Polymancer will be at Gencon. They are the publishers of the new fantasy story magazine that has my Acquisitioners story in it, staring Lalliard the Wizard and Macal the swordsman. That is the thing I am most excited about seeing at the show, so I can’t wait to get there and see it myself.

So it looks like it will be a good show. Hope to see you there.

If I can get exact booth numbers for Fred and Polymancer I will post them here.

UPDATE: Iron Crown Enterprises, Fred Poutre’s company is in booth 504, right next to ours.

A few more details on Of Dice and Pen

Here is what Fred Poutre, the editor of the anthology, has been sending around. It has all the deatils you need to buy the book.

Flying Pen Press announces an anthology of short stories by professional game industry people, titled: Of Dice and Pen.

The anthology is due out August 1st and will be sold at GenCon, at the ICE booth.

Authors include:

Gary Gygax and K.R.Bourgoine, A Wizard’s Thief
Rick Loomis, Xavier’s Story
Andrew Looney, Message in a Bottle, Delusions of Hunger, and The Emperor Must Die
Matt Forbeck, Prometheus Unwound
Elizabeth T. Danforth, Imp Possible Situations
Chris Clark, A Christmas Story, Bad Day At The Office, Beauracracy, and Sweet Silence of Solitude
Lisa Steenson, Space 28
Curt Covert, PSY_JACK
Catherine G. Thomson, The Book Sorter
Graeme Thomson, Under the Tuscan Snow
Jason S. Walters, Lefty Sanchez Reporting
Andy Vetromile, Fear of Success
Carey Grayson, The Vegetarian
David Wainio, A Homecoming, and Legend of Santa Claus
James L. Cambias, Murder in Messidor
Tim Pelzel, The Sweetness of Suffering
Thomas Rafalski, A Taint Upon the Kingdom
Lee Kamberos, The DarkSide Of Choice
Patrick Matthews, The Queen’s Gambit
ISBN 978-0-9818957-2-7, trade paperback, $17.95.
Will be available to the trade through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Diamond.

So, its settled.

We have been thinking long and hard about which of the other Adventurer Games to publish next. Which is the best choice financially? Which is a good follow up the Card Game? At shows which game have players asked to see printed next? And we have finally decided.

We are going to release the Adventurer Dragon Game next.

This decision made sense because it is the next evolution to the Adventurer Card Game. The artist has already been tapped, I am fine tuning the cards, and things are moving along.

It seems reasonable to hope for a November or December release.

Cover art for Of Dice and Pen

I just came across this page which has the cover art for the anothology:

Click here to see it!

An update on Of Dice and Pen

The publisher Flying Pen PRess has started posting around about the new anthology, Of Dice and Men, which has a new Gord the rogue story by Gary Gygax and myself.

If you like fast paced, high action fantasy adventurer be sure to checlk the story out.

This page also lists all the other authors in the book, including notables like, Chris Clark.

And its over!

The Adventurer Hero Auctions are over!

We want to Thank everyone who participated in the first two Adventurer Hero Auctions. It turned out to be a great MAMMOTH success and we couldn’t be more pleased with the interest the community has shown.

Congratulations to the winners! Here is how it ended:

The Hero in the Portals expansion which is being released in September went for a huge $153.26!

And the Hero in the Chaos expansion which is being released in October went for a huge staggering $102.50

We are already working on laying out these cards and the artist are busy at work. Again we thank you all particpating and we hope to see you all next time we have an Adventurer Hero Auction.