Gencon here we come…

I will be at Gencon Indy again this year and hopefully with a big surprise! Can’t quite reveal it yet, but if it happens, it should be pretty cool.
If you are looking for me I probably wont be far from the Trolllord Game’s booth.

Adventurer: The Arena Game

In mid June I went to Wisconsin for an annual conference called Lake Geneva Gaming Convention. It is in Gary Gygax’s hometown likewise also the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.
It’s a fun small little Con where you are likely to spend time chatting with all the original gamers of gaming. Every year when I go I bring at least one new game I have created. Last year it was Adventurer: The Card Game, and this year it was Adventurer: The Arena Game.
I think the game went over well, I had only just made it before I left so all the games we played there were play testing sessions and I think they all really helped. By the time I left WI I was pretty sure the game completed.
The premise of the game is that each of the two players builds an army from a pool different types of troops. Then on a board looking very similar to a checker board the armies battle it out with the aid of a huge collection of magical items of wondrous power that are randomly drawn each round.
Here is a picture of Gary beating me at my own game. I had actually made this game with him in mind, knowing that he likes strategy/tactical games.

Adventurer: The Card Game Update!

The game is moving forward. Earlier this I sent off all the art files to Trolllord Games who are going to manufacture it and distribute it. There is good reason to hope that it will see print sometime this summer.
Here is a link to the Trolllord’s website for those interested in seeing the product blurb. Adventurer: The Card Game

Yet even more Gord!

For all you Gord the Rogue fans out there Gary Gygax and I have been tossing out ideas for a third Gord short story. He tossed me an idea for a story, then I batted it back to him as a loose outline, now I await more of his tinkering, to which I will again add mine, and after we do this a few times we will, hopefully, end up with a new story for everybody.

K.R.Bourgoine’s Adventurer: The Card Game

Work on K.R.Bourgoine’s Adventurer: The Card Game is all complete on my end. Which means the game is now in a print ready format. Now, all we have to do is wait for the manufacturer to have some free time to get it on the market. Currently they have a full schedule, so we might not see anything until late summer.

Here is the cover of the box, and Psst!, it’s a secret, but that is actually Macal and Lalliard, the Acquisitioners themselves, on the cover and in the game!

(if you click on it, its not so fuzzy)

A possible home for the new Gord?

We may have found a place to publish the new Gord the Rogue short story that Gary Gygax and I have written.
We will have to wait and see if it comes to pass though. I’ll keep you updated.

Another Gord the Rogue story!

Gary Gygax and I have written a new Gord the Rogue short story. We had thought of it finding a home at Dragon Magazine like the previous story, but it seems the WoTC is closing up shop on Dragon.
So the story, titled, A Wizard’s Revenge will have to find a home elsewhere.

The cover of Dragon Magazine issue #344 has been released. This is the cover of the first Dragon Magazine in which I have an article. The best part for me is that it is an story I wrote with Gary Gygax.

Release Dates!

The new Gord the Rogue story by Gary Gygax and myself has been named aptly The Return of Gord. According to Dragon’s website the June #344 issue of the magazine has shipped to subscribers! Then on May 24th it will hit the shelves for all the other readers!

Now on top of that there are pretty solid rumors that we might write at least two more stories featuring the infamous rogue. Mentally I have already been plotting some new story ideas that we might be able to use. Unfortunately the soonest I will be able to start working on them is in June some time, which works out well because I will be seeing Gary that month and it will likely give us time to solidify our plans.

One change in these stories we have already decided upon though is that Chert, Gord’s barbarian friend, will definitely make an appearance.

Want to hear some big news?

Now its time for some big news. Really BIG! Even huge perhaps. By some miracle I have been able to talk Gary Gygax, the legendary creator of Dungeons and Dragons, to allow me to help him create a new Gord the Rogue story for Dragon Magazine.

It’s a long story as to how all this transpired but the short of it is that we have just completed the first Gord story to be written in many many years. The bad news is that Erik Mona, publisher of Dragon magazine, has opted to hold the story for the special super sized 30th anniversary issue of the magazine in June. While I like the fact that they want to hold the story for a special event, it does mean that the story won’t see light for another six months or so.

More on the name of the story later…