Portals Expansion Information

The Portals Expansion adds new dimensions of play to the fast-paced card game that will broaden the game’s boundaries and add even more replayability with many new levels of player interaction.

About K.R.Bourgoine’s Adventurer™ Card Game: Portals Expansion

• Introduces in-game trading between players
• Allows players to engage in combat with other players
• Adds new and powerful treasures for the players to collect
• Increased strategic options with thieves for hire
• Includes 1 new hero, increasing the maximum number of players
• Introduces new magical obstacles, traps, and all random event cards

Other Key features:
• Fast-paced addictive play: The game plays so fast, it’s common to play a few rounds in one sitting.
• Not a CCG: Game play uses deck of cards, for complete lack of foreknowledge of next event in game play.
• Easy to learn: There are no new rules to learn, just add the new cards to the original deck.
• Deeper game play: Players no longer play just against the deck of cards, but other players as well.

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