Seeking Play Testers for the Adventurer RPG!

We would like to start gearing up for the eventual release of the Adventurer RPG in a year or so. To do that we need to the RPG to be throughly run through, so we are looking gamers and gaming groups who would be willing to hammer through the game by playing it. Hopefully a lot.

Of course all particpants would need to sign an NDA.

Like all Adventurer games the RPG is very rules light, uncomplicated, and designed for fast play. If you have played the card game you already have the foundation for playing the RPG.

If this is something that interests you, send me an email or post here. Also feel free to spread the word about this invite to those you think might enjoy it.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the Adventurer RPG.

3 Responses to “Seeking Play Testers for the Adventurer RPG!”

  1. Your card game and expansions arrived today and my players are going to join me in playing it on Thursday. As I’ve said before I’m extremely interested in the new rpg and we would love to help in the playtesting. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any help.

  2. Our family loves the card game… we would love to help you test this, if you are still developing it.. if it is released how do we get a look at the rules??

  3. The card game looks great and, the world really needs more games like this.

    Simplicity should always be the key to a playable game and, i’d love to playtest the RPG if you are still looking for people.

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