The Acquisitioners die for adventuer!

Several long pages of the latest story were written today. Currently it is still untitled. Normally about halfway through writing a story the name just appears. Half the time I start with a name and the other half it just comes along when it’s ready. Each of the short stories in The Acquisitioners: Chronicles Volume One has a very different feel but are still all of the same vein.

The Chamber of the Heart is filled with a good deal of introspection on Macal’s behalf about his struggle in dealing with Lalliard’s highly aggressive tactics and mentality while the world starts to turn into chaos around them.

The Wizard of Fate is the opposite of The Chamber of the Heart and is clearly based around Lalliard and his past. A good deal of Lalliard’s history is shown as he is forced to help the Counsel of Xazarnth, the school of magic, in tracking down a renegade wizard who threatens to betray all wizards to their deaths at the hands of the Lumar Olrmar.

The Shell of Oblight is a pure action-adventure tale that takes the Acquisitioners from Airesbornia, the Plane of Fire, all the way to the ocean depths of Asonia as they battle the wicked cunning elf named Osthen the Cruel.

The forth and untitled tale is a murder-mystery in a fashion that could only be an Acquisitioners story. With some of the other stories being very emotionally delving this story of its own accord became a more lighthearted less dark tale. With neither character collapsing into the misery that so often plagues them. Instead it becomes an entertaining sarcastic story of finding the murderer of their quasi-friend Galem Gorn.

Introspection, Forced assignments, Action-Adventure, and Murder-mysteries.

The Acquisitioners do it all.

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