The Gencon Breakdown

Shadowcircle Press will be at Gencon. We are sharing a booth with our good friends from, Inner City Games. The booth number is 502. Please stop in to say hello. We will have the Adventurer™ Card Game for sale, along with all the special Guest Designer cards.

We had planned on having a bunch of sneak preview copies of the Portals and Choas expansions at the show as well, but we found out we have to change printers, so now we are scrambling to try to make that still happen. Here’s hoping!

I have heard that the booth next to us will have Fred Poutre in it and he is the publisher of the Of Dice and Pen anthology that Gary Gygax and I have a new Gord the Rogue story in. So if you swing down by us you can check that out as well.

Also Polymancer will be at Gencon. They are the publishers of the new fantasy story magazine that has my Acquisitioners story in it, staring Lalliard the Wizard and Macal the swordsman. That is the thing I am most excited about seeing at the show, so I can’t wait to get there and see it myself.

So it looks like it will be a good show. Hope to see you there.

If I can get exact booth numbers for Fred and Polymancer I will post them here.

UPDATE: Iron Crown Enterprises, Fred Poutre’s company is in booth 504, right next to ours.

2 Responses to “The Gencon Breakdown”

  1. Fred Poutre’s company is ICE? Since when… Does current owner Bruce Neidlinger know this?

  2. Who is Fred Poutre? Fred Poutre is a fourth rate editor and dismal game designer. While Bruce Neidlinger manages the helm of a very successful company, namely Iron Crown Enterprises.

    Really Mr. Bourgoine, if you wanted to toot the horn of someone, you should have picked someone better than Mr. Poutre. Have seen “Monkeys Flinging Poo,” Mr. Poutre’s first game! By his own admission, he stated, and I quote “I am the most successful, unsuccessful game designer.”

    If I was Bruce, I would take this as an insult.

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