Upcoming Releases

So we have a big summer coming up.

In an anthology titled Of Dice and Pen from Flying Pen Press is a new Gord the Rogue story written by Gary Gygax and K.R.Bourgoine. In this story Gord, along with his companion Chert, learn the hard way that they are not the only thieves in the Great City. The story is titled A Wizard’s Thief. This title is being released in August.

In an magazine titled Polygraph from Polymancer Studios is the first printed of many Acquisitioners stories, which stars Lalliard the angry wizard and Macal the swordsman. This story in which the two heroes battle against a great black dragon to save the innocent is filled with heart, action and deep soul searching conflict and is written by K.R.Bourgoine and is broken up over three issues of the magazine. The story is titled A Chamber of the Heart. This title is being released in early August.

August is also the full release of the Adventurer Card Game through national distribution, so feel free to look for it at your local gaming and hobby stores.

Then in September is the release of the first Adventurer Card Game expansion, Portals. This expansion gives the players of the game all the player and lpayer interaction they have been asking for and takes the game to a whole new level of depth and strategy.

Lastly in October is the release of the second Adventurer Card Game expansion, Chaos. This expansion gives the players more choice in how their heroes adventurer through the deadly castle of the vampire lord with its new Risk/Reward system. Now the players have a choice about how much there are willing to risk to get new items and treasure.

Beyond that we are beginning work on the Adventurer Dragon Game expansion. The Dragon Game is a card game as well and builds upon the mechanics introduced with the Adventurer Card Game and uses the same four heroes.
But now instead of hunting for a vampire individually, The heroes are now a team working to find and defeat a nasty dragon deep in a cave. There are also towns to visit where you can get ressurections, buy new items, buy food and torches, ect. It takes the original game and brings it even closer to the feel of a real adventure.

More details to come as we have them.

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