You can be the hero in the new Adventurer Card Game expansions!

July 2, 2008 Shadowcircle Press announced the You Can Be A Hero Program for the fast growing Adventurer™ Card Game. This program allows fans to be part of making the two new heroes that will be in the Portals Expansion and the Chaos Expansion for the card game, expected to release in September and October 2008.

You just might be the new hero in Adventurer–all you have to do is win this auction!

The winner of this auction will get to:

1: Name the hero. (The name must be original and must conform to polite language.)

2: Choose which special ability the hero has from these possible choices:
When using a Knife or a Dagger this hero gets an additional +1 attack.
• Additional +1 on rolls against traps.
• When not carrying a weapon, this hero may sacrifice 1 Life Point to roll 1 additional dice in a battle. This must be done before any dice for the combat are rolled.
• May use a second weapon along with the first as long the second weapon is +1 or less.
• Start off with +1 attack, but only has 3 Life Points instead of 4 Life Points.
• May run away from an Ambush. May also heal 2 Life Points when drinking a Healing Potion instead of 1.
• At the end of this heroes turn they may sacrifice a Life Point to take another turn.
• May discard 3 treasure cards on this heroes turn to steal a +3 or less item from another player.
• May discard 2 treasure cards to heal 1 Life Point.
• May sacrifice 1 Life Point to add +3 to an attack, cannot be used in the Crypt.

3: And if you so desire, have your personal likeness caricatured as the hero. For this you will need to send us a digital picture within 48 hours of winning the auction. You can also tell us what you would like the character to wear (within reason).

Don’t worry, if you don’t win the first auction, you can still try for the other hero!

Join the battle and be a hero!

The Portals Expansion adds a ton of new features that all the fans have been asking for in regards to player interaction. With Portals players can now trade, do battle, and even hire thieves to steal from one another. Portals also introduces Mystical Forces to the game, magical energies that can be a boon or a bane to all players. And don’t forget the new deadly traps and powerful new treasures that this expansion adds.

The Chaos Expansion is all about giving the players more control over their adventurers. With these new cards the player can now choose to encounter a danger–or not. Do they want attempt to open a possibly trapped chest? Failure might mean death, but success could bring a ton of treasure. The Chaos Expansion also introduces a new way to win the game. Now instead of just being able to defeat the vampire lord to win the game, players can collect Chests of Power. The first player to collect three wins. In this expansion players can also hire henchmen that will engage into battle with other heroes at their command.

The winning hero name, likeness and special ability are all copyright Shadowcircle Press. Shadowcircle Press owns exclusive rights to the new hero.

Adventurer™ Card Game is published by Shadowcircle Press. The limited edition was released December 2007. New rules and fun variants can be found at
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